Staff Augmentation

Staffing & Workforce Solutions

We provide most innovative, efficient, and cost-effective workforce solutions in today’s marketplace.

We follow quality-certified processes to provide a variety of standard and customized solutions and programs to help our customers optimize their supply chain and increase time to market of their workforce requirements. Our workforce solutions help clients increase efficiency, accelerate project progress, cut costs, and ultimately enhance their competitive edge.


Contingent Workforce Staffing

Our deep heritage and expertise in providing specialized staffing services sets the company apart. As an industry leader, Ace tech offers profound knowledge, comprehensive market analysis, and exceptional customer service to guarantee maximized workforce solutions.

We provide technical expertise to fill gaps in clients’ immediate skill-sets availability, delivers emerging technology skill-sets, refreshes the existing skill base, allows for flexibility in project planning and execution phases, and provides budgeting/financial flexibility by offering contingent labor as a variable cost.


Service Delivery Excellence

Our company is dedicated to operational excellence as part of a customer-centric mindset that assures consistent execution. Through years of experience, Srushti has developed and refined every step in the full lifecycle staffing fulfilment and consultant management practice.


Key aspects of our service delivery model include:
  • Strong focus on quality
  • 24×7 dedicated service delivery teams
  • Client-wise service-level understanding
  • Metric-based performance expectation from all team members
  • Mature teams and strong regional presence in all key geographies around the continental United States as well as other major countries including India, China, and U.S.A.
  • Mature process orientation for global service delivery
  • Relationships with all major industry MSP and VMS partners
  • Fully compliant back office operations



Srushti is one of the renowned Women-Owned IT Staffing and IT Training Company in our country.


Mature Recruiting Process & Infrastructure

We believe and enjoy a competitive edge through expertise in managing the IT consulting process.

The company has mastered the step-by-step process, including candidate search, identity verification, qualification, and hiring process, which enables Srushti to provide on-demand technical resources with very low turnaround time.

We have a centralized recruiting infrastructure supported by one of the largest recruiting teams in the industry, supplemented when required by local recruiting operations in strategic markets. This allows the company to deliver on behalf of its enterprise clients and exceed their expectations on every level.


Account Management & Service Delivery Management

At Srushti we have a well-established account management approach and client governance structure that fosters consistent client support on a centralized global and national basis. Client centricity and execution excellence are at the heart of our philosophy and these principles are embedded into our culture. we have leveraged our dedicated team concept together with cutting-edge technology tools and mature processes across both the national and global landscape to gain acceptance among the Fortune and Global 500 community.


Onboarding & Offboarding

Our onboarding process abides by all our customer timelines, as well as legal and regulatory requirements. Some checks and balances in place during  onboarding phase include, but are not limited to: background checks, drug testing, skills testing,  NDA agreements, reviewing consultant safety and security, and many more.


we have formulated an effective off-boarding process to ensure a smooth transition at the customer site as well as to minimize any negative impact on employee morale. The potential for re-engaging the consultant is always a top consideration.


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Aspects of Srusthi consultant care program include:

Recognition & Rewards

We believe in acknowledging our employees for exemplary performance and rewards the high achievers.

Variable Compensation

The proactive consultant care process is supported by a delivery-based rewards plan to sustain consultants’ motivation. It includes project completion bonuses, performance incentive bonuses, retention bonuses, and so on.

Life long Learning.

At Srushti we identify the training needs of our employees and our onsite resources and fill their learning gap with classroom/on-the-job training. Where need be, We sponsor advanced/professional training for our employees.


we strive to eliminate the bench period for our employees. Well before a given project ends, our account management team begins to cross-reference the employee skill-sets against existing and anticipated job openings among Srushti's vast client base.

Job Categories

Srushti leverages its mature processes and cutting-edge systems to source, screen, and on-board highly-skilled resources across job categories that include:

  1. Information Technology (IT)
  2. Engineering & Sciences
  3. Sales & Marketing
  4. Call Center & Help Desk
  5. Desk Side Support (DSS)
  6. Professional & Managerial
  7. Regulatory, Clinical, & Scientific
  8. Marketing & Creative
  9. Project Management (PM) & Business Analysis
  10. Accounting & Financial
  11. Human Resources (HR) & Legal


Srushti understands and appreciates our customer ability to identify top talent and their desire to retain them; therefore, we have implemented customer-friendly terms for the conversion of contingent or temporary labor to permanent employees.

Direct Hire

Srushti provides direct hire (permanent placement) services and recruits employees on behalf of its clients to fill permanent positions for technology, general, or hard-to-find skill-sets across a wide breadth of job categories and geographies.

Our Customer engaging for contingent labor or temporary staffing requirements have the option of engaging with us for direct hire positions as well as converting existing our consultants to permanent employees.


Srushti provides payrolling services, assuming management responsibility of the referred or pass-through consultants identified by the client. Our payrolling process includes complete validation, induction, and communication management.

Workforce Transitioning

Through a successful partner consolidation program, our customers reap the advantages of engaging with fewer, more qualified suppliers.

Benefits include:

  • Sourcing activities can be centralized and ultimately more efficient
  • No disparities in fees
  • No variances in contracts
  • Limited candidate ownership questions; hence, less co-employment risk
  • Deliverable across the board will be more consistent.


We at Srushti conduct periodic assessment of our suppliers which we consider as a necessary aspect of continuous improvement and due diligence in supply chain management. Ultimately, the best suppliers rise to the top when appraised according to KPIs and metrics-based performance.